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To prevent disappointments, I have to state right away that all of these are command-line programs, both because I tend to work mostly in terminal windows and because I lack the time to program nice GUIs. So, no eye-candy. Additionally, even though all of the programs work well for their intended purpose, different people work in different ways, and not all of them might be useful to everybody. To facilitate your decision whether to try them out, I have classified them as follows:

 Production code        Understand and adapt        To be used in pipes        Experimental or hackers only

Hardware related

Sound related

Web spidering and information retrieval

Scientific computing



Here are some shell functions and scripts which save you from having to do numerous odiously boring tasks myself. Experts may want to adapt some of them to their needs.

Little file system helpers

Serial and parallel multiprocessing

The following longer scripts all support the -h command line switch to obtain a brief usage message.


Old stuff



Enhancements or bug fixes for some open-source programs, primarily those whose authors do not accept patches or which are so paralysed by bureaucracy that bug reports are lost in Kafka-land. Not all of them apply to the newest version of their program; they are described in more detail on the patches page.

Program Version Purpose Download More info
hexedit 1.2.12 Advanced search Get it More...
crap-clone d7c1562 Allow relative repo path Get it More...
Net::SMTP::TLS 0.12 Various fixes Get it More...
Samba client 3.0.22 Toggle commands Get it More...
Nethack Falconseye ? Message output Get it More...
Gnuplot 4.2 Log scale TeX labels Get it More...
Gnuplot 3.7.1 Log scale TeX labels Get it More...

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