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Some improvements or reimplementations of tools written by others which I found useful, but which did not compile for me or which I wanted to make more useful still.

nsum - summing up plain text numbers

A more robust and versatile rewrite of numsum

diffn - the continuation of diff3 with other means

A small program for efficient n-by-n file comparisons

fmt.pl - versatile text formatting

A rewrite of the standard text formatter fmt with a slightly different purpose in mind

A Perl rename supporting enumeration

Perl's file renamer augmented by an index variable

unmht - Unpack MIME HTML archives

An unpacker for MIME HTML (.mht / .mhtml) archives saved by some browsers such as Opera

Readline input line support for all

Add readline editing support to any program

nl.pl and seq.pl - simpler rewrites of nl and seq

TOS / Impressum