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Product warning labels

All designs on this page are © 2010-2013 Volker Schatz and licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Germany License .

Warning labels you never knew you needed until you were sued:

Label Text Download
Do not hurl at children under five XFIG SVG
Warranty will be void if packaging is removed XFIG SVG
Do not shoot yourself through the head before, during or after use of this product XFIG SVG
Not for use in improvised explosive devices XFIG SVG
Do not place in aircraft jet engine intake XFIG SVG
Illegal to use in jailbreaks XFIG SVG

And a few extra labels for physicists:

Label Text Download
Will fall downwards if exposed to gravity XFIG SVG
Warps space and time XFIG SVG
Impossible to confine due to tunneling XFIG SVG
Contains billions of radioactive atoms XFIG SVG

And a final one for forklift operators:

I take it a sticker like this has to be attached to all forklift trucks by law. Funny they often leave out the third, correct way of operating. Here's the xfig source.

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