Resources for computer literates

The following table refers to the most important stuff on this site. Click on the topic link in the left column for a full list.

Topic Software projects Scripts Manuals Howtos Metadata Mirrored content
Music sndsys Practicing scales ALSA Musopen, Pandora, JMC Some Musopen
Maps OpenStreetmap GeoTiff V1.0
TeX Displayed equations, macro hacking and others
Science Wavelet transform, tensor calculus Floating-point arithmetic, histogram equalisation, a counting problem, renormalisation, knot classification Prime numbers
Computing YAML processing; utilities; complete list iRex Iliad e-reader bash, emacs, git, UNIX tools, utility list, learning curves
Linux Administration ALSA Cloning Arch, package managers, Advanced mounting
Networking and WWW WFind One-time pad encryption Web research PGP, stand-alone GnuPG, network protocol inspection
Circuit design VHDocL Camera Link GODIL board on Linux OpenCores Some OpenCores and open licenses
Art and humour Fractals and raytracing, product warning labels, maths jokes, science dictionary, road crash excuses, sig lines

Major software projects and manuals are in bold face. Smaller programs are listed among scripts. Manuals are wide in scope and leave your options open, while howtos concentrate a specific use case or narrow topic. Metadata are machine-readable catalogs of content elsewhere.

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