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Glossary of Iliad-related terms

Brief definitions of some jargon words used in the Iliad forums and/or these pages.

Delta ASIC
The Delta ASIC is a custom electronic paper display controller developed by iRex, which manages 16 shades of grey rather than just 4 as the competition.
A small SSH server (and client) implementation suitable for embedded systems. Contained in the "Unbrickable" SSH server package for the Iliad.
Write data to non-volatile flash memory, especially firmware
iRex Delivery Service — the iRex upgrade service and content shop, also used to enable shell access
Initial ramdisk which contains a partial or minimal system installation that allows the Linux kernel to load file system drivers as modules which can then access the root partition of the system installation. In the case of the Iliad, the initrd loads proprietary drivers for the built-in flash memory (tffs module) and Delta ASIC (delta module).
The Itsy Package Management System, the package manger (installer/uninstaller) the Iliad uses.
Shellcode hack
Modification of /home/root/start.sh
Nickname of the SSH (Secure SHell) server package for the Iliad (Link)
A sequence of voltages for updating the electronic paper display (see here)
XML path
For brevity, I describe the location of data in XML files by their "XML path". For example, the path /foo/bar would refer to a <bar> ... </bar> tag within a <foo> ... </foo> tag which is at the top level of the file. Such paths are the simplest part of the XPath standard.

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