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Transposing the ABC music notation

This Perl script transposes the ABC music notation and/or allows to set a new key.

Download abctrans.pl

Usage: abctrans.pl [ -a accmode ] [ -k key ] semitones [ input.abc ]

Transposes an ABC file by a number of semitones (negative means downwards). Reads from input file or stdin, writes to stdout. -a determines how verbosely to notate accidentals in the tune: "always" puts them whenever differing from the global set of accidentals, "bar" puts them at the first occurrence per bar except on notes tied to the last note of the previous bar (as is usual and therefore the default), and "notie" is like "always" but omits notes tied to the previous bar except after line breaks. -k allows to give the key of the transposed music, rather than the original key shifted by semitones.

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