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A hacker's noise pollution system

The signal processing system sndsys

The following software package was created years ago for no better reason than producing home-made heavy metal music. It is experimental software, and probably always will be. It is imaginatively named "sndsys" and guaranteed to be the umpteenth program of that name. Apart from creating sound you could also do quite different things with it, but quite possibly wouldn't want to.

sndsys is written in "hardcore stone-age" C, complete with pointers, type casts, printfs, variable parameter lists and other stuff from the nightmares of today's wimpy programmers. As a consequence, it runs fast, uses little memory, compiles fast enough to escape Al Qaeda and crashes politely to tell you you did something wrong.

The default compiler in the distribution Makefile is gcc, but I have also used icc from Intel which is free unless you do it for money. It cut compile time by nearly half compared to gcc and somewhat reduced runtime as well. Anyhow, sndsys also compiles with gcc. Here it is:

Download version from October 10 2007

If the obnoxious sales blurb above hasn't put you off, you could have a look at the following documents: The sndsys tutorial and the sndsys readme file. The former is an introduction which does not require much in the way of programming skills. It contains a description of what sound processing you can do with sndsys, in particular of those things which are not usually part of sound processing programs. The readme is a brief but fairly complete description of how sndsys works - how data are passed around, how processing steps are implemented and so on. It is likely to be of interest for programmers or scientists rather than people who want to create music.

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