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Personal patches for the privoxy privacy proxy

The privacy proxy privoxy is a necessity for privacy-concious netizens. One slight disadvantage is that its development is rather conservative, so I decided to implement some enhancements on my own.

A side effect of this is that there is now a git repository containing its source; the upstream project still uses (shudder) CVS.

My experimental branch of privoxy is available in this git repository on this server that can be cloned like this:

git clone http://volkerschatz.com/repositories/privoxy

I have implemented two enhancements in the branch vs-custom that is cloned by default:

Please be aware that my branch will be periodically rebased onto the upstream version. You may want to clone my repository to a temporary location each time; or to mirror all branches:

git clone --mirror http://volkerschatz.com/repositories/privoxy

clone separate working repositories, and reset back to the upstream branch before each pull.

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