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Unpublications about topics that have caught my interest privately.

A comparison of programming languages and techniques for a combinatorial problem

A benchmark comparison which also considers memoization and parallel implementations

The language specialisation of the Google search engine

Google results depend on the language settings of the web browser used. A systematic investigation.

It pays to be fair

Further confirmation of the most remarkable feature of the Prisoner's Dilemma game


Non-monopolistic invention disclosures

The following are technical ideas of mine, not all of them actually implemented. They are disclosed to prevent a person or organisation hitting on the same idea later from patenting them. Both commercial and non-commercial use is welcome. Note that I have not verified that these ideas have not been discovered and patented by somebody else before me, have no means to do so and make no guarantees whatsoever that they are free from the rights of third parties. If you want to use them commercially, this remains for you to check. The disclosures have been submitted to Linux Defenders / Defensivepublications.org and as a consequence are on record as prior art.

Trailing bookmarks for retrieval and viewing systems

A way for browsers or other retrieval systems to help researchers keep track of their reading position.

A string excitation model for audio synthesis of bowed string instruments

A physics-inspired model of how a bow excites a string of a musical string instrument

An image enhancement method for scanned textual and line-art data

An image enhancement method designed to avoid loss of relevant information while improving compressibility.

Mirrored papers

Two commercially published peer-reviewed papers made available under exemptions in the publishers' copyright transfer agreements.

Measurement of the timing behaviour of off-the-shelf cameras

Low-latency histogram equalization for infrared image sequences - a hardware implementation

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